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Jelena Matojan 2022-09-08 20:55:19

Transfer price was the most attractive.
The manager contacted me several times, I was sure that the transfer would arrive, but I still did not expect such punctuality.
Everything is fine

Maxim Brichag 2022-09-06 16:07:50

Super! After ordering, we immediately contacted, clarified the details. At the airport there is no problem how to find your car. On the way back, the driver arrived at the hotel in advance. Polite dri

Maxim Brichag 2022-09-06 13:28:27

Super! After ordering, we immediately contacted, clarified the details. At the airport there is no problem how to find your car. On the way back, the driver arrived at the hotel in advance. Polite dri

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How to tip in Turkey

When would you like to stay at How to tip in Turkey - Check Availability & Room Rates!!!

Tips are generally low in Turkey. You never tip on a credit card charge and if you tip in cash, leave it on the box which comes with the bill. No one gives hands-on tips! 

You should tip in Turkish Liras, as it is the only accepted currency in shops, most restaurants, transports…

Airports/Train & Bus Stations

If you have someone helping you with the bags, a tip between 2-3TL per bag, should be enough

Taxis & Transfers

For taxi drivers, don't tip, just round the fare upwards to a convenient amount. If the fare is 19.50TL, round it up to 20TL. For private transfer services, no tip is required, though if you wish to tip, 5% to 10% of the fare is appropriate


Porters are happy with 2-4TL per bag. In some hotel breakfast rooms, restaurants, and/or at the reception desk you may see a Tip Box. This is the appropriate place to express your appreciation to the staff for the good service


In inexpensive establishments, small tips (5% or so) are not necessary, but are appreciated. In luxury restaurants, tip 10% to 15%

Guided Tours

Tips to guides and drivers on organized tours are at your discretion. They are already being paid by a company to be your guide or you are already paying them for the tour

Turkish Bath (Hamam)

At the end of your bath, all the attendants (and there are lots of them) will line up to "bid you goodbye" and expect a tip (if service has been good). Share out among them about 10 to 15% of the total price of the services you've used


No tip expected

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» Do you provide group transfers? 


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