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Garry Coles 2023-11-14 16:32:07

Used to get from and to the airport
Had to wait for a while at the airport for a driver.
On the return journey the driver was waiting at the hotel on time (5:00am!)
Both drivers f

Aaro Smith 2023-10-24 11:36:24

Transfer was on time. Vehicle was clean. Journey was smooth. Driver was friendly. Good service .

Gargiulo 2023-03-26 10:21:28

Excellent transfer, highly recommend. Very professional and kept me updated throughout the booking process. Good value.

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3 Unique experiences in Istanbul

When would you like to stay at 3 Unique experiences in Istanbul - Check Availability & Room Rates!!!


Istanbul is home for dozens of traditions that are part of the Turkish culture!

If you want to learn more and immerse yourself in this beautiful culture, here are 3 things you should try:

Barber Shop


Visiting a Turkish barber you will experience much more than a haircut! There are a few packages offered... the full deal and most expensive one is around 20 Liras. First they cut your hair and then they bring out the single blade razor. After two shaves, they apply a sort of paste to your face and massage your neck, upper back and your arms. Tea is offered and the experienced is topped with a rather threatening, ear-hair singeing process... All men should give it a try, living a totally different experience!




A centuries-old Roman tradition inherited by the Ottomans. The Turkish bath once served as the only cleansing method in the society. People used to go at least once per week to soak, relax, detox, exfoliate and socialize. It is not used with such frequency anymore, but it does have its regulars. You can experience hamam all over the city. The process begins with a steam room, reaches its climactic moments with the scrub and bubble massage, and comes to a relaxing conclusion with a cool, refreshing dip in the pool. Amazing experience for both women and men!


Street Food


Local street flavors will get your taste buds bristling! In Turkey the street food and street vendors can be trusted for the quality and the safety of their products. Turks love street food and you will as well. Meatball (kofte) sandwiches in Sultanahmet, roasted walnuts all over the place, balik ekmek at Karakoy, mydiye dolma in Istiklal and kumpir in Ortakoy... are just a few tasty treats we recommend you trying...

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