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Kim 2023-03-20 13:45:45

The entire transfer from airport to hotel went flawlessly. Highly recommend it.

ANTONIO JIMENEZ 2023-03-05 07:18:59

Everything's OK. They arrived in time and the right price. Good service.

María José 2023-03-01 20:42:07

Perfect!!! Very profesional and best price. Always in touch with WhatsApp. Very helpful

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Safety tips for travellers

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Travelling to a new destination, is always exciting! New places, new people, new experiences! In order though to have a nice time during your trip, you should follow some common sense tips, that will help you minimize the dangers...


1. Do not carry all of your valuables in the same place

2. Keep a backup credit or debit card in a separate bag from the one you will be using most often

3. Keep a small amount of local currency in a separate pocket which is easily accessible so you don’t have to flash your cash each time you want to make a small purchase

4. Prefer to use ATM machines located in public areas 

5. Make sure your credit, debit or prepaid card is accepted in the country you plan to visit

6. Be on the lookout for anybody who is offering to help you with your bags at a train or bus station

7. Use a money belt worn under the clothes for items you don’t need to take out regularly

8. Don’t carry expensive advices 

9. Learn what could be termed offensive behavior at your destination        

10. Give to your friends and family copies of your itinerary

11. Whenever you move to a different locality or register in a new hotel, message the contact numbers and contact people’s names to your family

12. Make two copies of your passport, driver's license, credit cards, ATM cards and any other important documents you might be carrying and leave one copy at home with someone you can reach in an emergency

13. You will always find better rates on exchanging foreign currency if you plan in advance, rather than changing it at the airport or abroad

14. Try to wear clothing with pockets and keep your valuables on you. If you must carry a bag, one with a cross body strap is best

15. When booking a hotel or hostel, make sure it has good reviews when it comes to security and that they offer a locker or in-room safe

16. If you have any life-threatening allergies, wear a medical alert bracelet and bring an Epi-pen kit

17. Obtain an international driving permit in advance from your local motor vehicle authority

18. Travel with pairs as much as possible. Solo travelers are usually targeted more often by criminals than those in a group

19. Learn a bit of the local language, at least enough to get answers to basic questions

20. Scan all your documents into a computer as a PDF file and e-mail it to yourself

21. Put passwords at your phone and laptop to keep your personal information private 

22. Understand local cultures, rules, laws, crime rates, weather conditions, attitudes, etiquette, price of things and similar information

23. Don't trust people too quickly! Anyone who is coming to help, is not always with good purpose      

24. Always stay alert

25. Read up on common scams and crimes in your destination area

26. Try not to stand out as a tourist. Blend with the locals

27. Save on your phone the emergency phone numbers 

28. Avoid public demonstrations and marches 

29. Find the location of the nearest police station, hospital and other safe places

30. Always walk like you have got a purpose, even if you don't know where you are going

31. Don't wear expensive jewellery on obvious display

32. Drink in moderation

33. Don't share taxis with strangers

34. If you wear glasses, bring an extra pair or a pair of contact lenses as backup  

35. Put a label with your name and your phone number on your baggage

36. In case you are mugged, just give what they ask! Don't fight back... !

37. Leave in the hotels safe most of your cash, passport, plane tickets and one of your credit cards

38. Carry with you a pepper spray or a safety mechanism, in order to protect yourself in case of emergency

39. Before you get in your cab, take a picture of the licence plate

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